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Business IT solutions

Experiences, services, products and online future for our clients.
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Client-server applications
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1313 years of successful experience
Understanding of customers' needs
Rapid development
Cutting edge technologies
Extensive support
Competitive rates

We provide full cycle of project developing

Full developing cycle



Our history starts in 2004 as a private business with just one person doing all the management, product engineering and sales. In 2006, when our primary product 42 PSME (custom CMS) was a big success on the market - more people joined the team, widening business niches to corporate IT consulting and CAD/CAM systems. We are still very small business with most of the coding employees doing a part time remote work for us. However our professional services and product support is still first class, for a very competitive price. In 2012 Hungarian company FourQuadratt KFT was registered for moving business operations to a whole new level and opening "doors" to the EU customers.

FourQuadratt KFT provides comprehensive IT services. The list of our services include IT Outsourcing (subscription service or pay-as-you-go), IT Auditing (a comprehensive audit of hardware and software components, the park PCs and corporate network), System Integration (development of integrated solutions, business automation technologies, including custom programming and integration of existing information systems into a single information space), the sale of computer equipment, servers and network components

We care about our employees to keep pace with modern trends, and attach sufficient attention to personnel training, and great importance to the quality of services to our clients and strive to ensure that our customers always receive quality service and the most advanced information technology to achieve competitive advantage in today's business.



Interactive websites

Business automation

PHP, JS, React, Flux, SQL +++

Integration with in-house systems

Secure networking and VPN

High-Load, high-availability projects

Secure office interconnection

Fault tolerant data storage

Online sales, logistics and payments

Private secure VoIP phone systems

Mobile applications

SEO, SMM, Online promotion campaigns


Tretyakov Gallery
Pattaya Realty
Town $ Country Properties

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FourQuadratt America Inc
1674 Meridian Avenue, Suite 320, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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